Practice Safe Sharing

End-to-end Encryption for Gmail Attachments

Movelock is the simplest way to be sure the files you send are only seen by the people you choose. One Chrome extension does it all.


Powerful, Enterprise-class Encryption Right From Gmail


Let's face it, sharing secure files with other people is harder than it looks. Sure you might be adding passwords to PDFs or putting files in archives that seem secure. But, in reality, you're very exposed. Only Movelock encrypts the file before sending and the only key is held by the recipient. More than that, the recipient must go through two-factor authentication before they can get moving. TLDR? Powerful security made super easy.



Movelock uses bank-grade encryption to protect your files from the moment you start sending until they are opened by the recipient. Snooping on any leg of transfer will render files unreadable.


Movelock ensures that anyone opening your files is authenticated using at least 2 forms of ID. Only the people you choose can assemble the keys necessary to decrypt the files.


Movelock works seamlessly with your existing communication tools like Gmail, Slack and Outlook.  It’s easy enough to use on every file, every day.